Truckers Take EPA to Court in California

Operators declare the strict requirements to decrease emissions by 20 percent will put them out of business, forcing many to spend thousands on upgrading rigs or buying new vehicles.

The American Trucking Association (ATA) supports the new regulations, despite the smaller owner-operators' fears.

"We have never been inclined to be supportive of federal involvement and regulations in our industry," says Bill Graves, president and CEO of the ATA told Fox News. "But our experience in this case is one where we have to admit that the federal government did a really fine job of working collaboratively with all partners in this, to come up with what we think is a reasonable and fair rule."

Taking the argument to federal court, trucking outfits are challenging the Obama administration, claiming that the EPA did not properly submit the new regulations under the Science Advisory Board, who are required to review any newly set standards under the Clean Air Act.

So while the new regulations will lead to lower fuel costs and a significantly reduced carbon footprint on behalf of the transportation industry, smaller operators will struggle in the process.

As the legal battle ensues, Fox news claims consumers will be hit the hardest—through potentially higher prices for goods delivered by fewer trucks.

"The rule is about being more fuel efficient. Over the long haul, this has got to be positive for anybody in the trucking industry," says ATA Bill Graves.


Source: Energy Digital