B2BGateway's IntuitConnect
B2BGateway's IntuitConnect
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Why choose B2BGateway to manage your EDI?

B2BGateway has been providing EDI services to companies using Intuit since the late nineties. We set out to design our EDI solutions with simplicity in mind, creating a service that is not only easy to use, but is arguably the most comprehensive solution Intuit has seen to date. What makes B2BGateway's EDI solutions different from our competitors is our ability to custom code your EDI setup. We know not all businesses are alike and from previous implementations, we have learned what our clients want and need in an EDI setup with Intuit. If you have a special business need, we've probably seen it before and even if we haven't, we will work with you to get the solution you desire. B2BGateway's cloud based fully integrated EDI solutions work seamlessly with all major Accounting/ERP software solutions. We can also integrate with 'one off' solutions providing they have both an import and export function. Our cloud-based, fully integrated EDI solutions are used by clients to connect to trading partners in the following industries:




Public Sector



We work with all QuickBooks products including: 

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks Premiere

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Enterprise

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