Xplore Technologies and blank-it Improve Operational Safety

With a distracted driving solution, drivers are limited to pre-selected programs while in motion, such as navigation aids

Austin, TexasOct. 15, 2013Xplore Technologies Corporation, a rugged tablet manufacturer, and blank-it, a provider of motion-safety technologies, partnered to deliver an integrated solution to improve safety by eliminating distractions while operating heavy machinery in warehousing and distribution operations.

“Distractions from mobile devices while driving is not limited to automobiles,” said Mark Holleran, president and COO for Xplore Technologies. “Fork lifts, cranes, garbage trucks, even bulldozers are using cab-mounted tablets as productivity tools, making motion-safety technology a critical component of an accident-free workplace.”

By integrating blank-it’s distracted driving solution with Xplore’s rugged tablets, drivers are limited to the use of pre-selected programs while in motion, such as navigation aids, reversing camera displays or dispatch systems.  And while other safety-motion technologies offer solutions that use GPS technology for motion detection outdoors, the Xplore Technologies and blank-it solution relies on a patented motion-sensing technology that eliminates the dependency on GPS navigation, making it ideal for indoor use, such as in warehouses or factories.

Blank-it’s motion-detecting software automatically activates when an operator puts a vehicle in motion by utilizing a proprietary USB-mounted accelerometer. To prevent tampering, Xplore developed a secure cover to lock the accelerometer to the vehicle-mounted tablet. The integrated solution is available with Xplore’s iX104C5 product series.

“Xplore’s rugged tablets are ideal devices for the warehousing and logistical environments where our customers operate,” said Philip Little, president at blank-it. “Because of the tablets’ ability to operate and withstand all-terrain environments, forklift operators are able to operate more safely, no matter where they are.”