Apex Maritime Utilizes IAS’s Intermodal Solutions

NVOCC adopts IAS Dispatch Suite to gain first and last mile visibility, standardized processes, efficiencies and increased profitability

Oakland, Calif.May 28, 2013—Non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) Apex Maritime selected International Asset Systems’ (IAS) IAS Dispatch as their work order management solution to gain first and last mile visibility within their transportation network; to enhance customer service; and to improve operational efficiencies. With the addition of Apex to the IAS community, IAS now supports four of the top five Trans-Pacific freight forwarders by volume.

IAS helps both large and small freight forwarders, 3PLs and ocean carriers to better manage intermodal transportation in order to increase efficiency and profitability,” said Mike Nedrow, Vice President of Sales at IAS, a provider of cloud and integrated technologies that connect intermodal trading partners. “The best-in-class InterAsset platform will provide one-to-many connectivity to Apex’s trading partner network and IAS Dispatch will provide monetary savings, transparency of costs and motor carrier performance, and the first and last mile visibility that their customers require.”

IAS Dispatch is an integrated suite of solutions that brings together drayage assignment; appointment times; amendment management; invoicing; visibility; rates; optimization; and business intelligence—while coordinating resources in the IAS transportation network to improve profitability, customer service and equipment utilization.

“The IAS Dispatch suite provides Apex with the tools we need for scalability, for continual performance enhancements and for standardizing processes across our motor carrier network,” said Kevin Bulger, Chief Operating Officer of Apex Maritime. “As many of our partners are already IAS Connected, we expect a quick implementation time and a fast return on investment. After working with IAS, we knew that IAS Dispatch was a must-have solution for our business and our customers.”

Apex will use the following IAS Dispatch modules:

  • DispatchManager to gain a standardized, traceable, repeatable process across their complete motor carrier network; and to easily record proof of delivery (POD) on completed work orders.
  • DispatchInvoice for more reliable data which will result in direct savings; decrease the number of days outstanding on incoming invoices; and allow Apex to bill their own customers more quickly.
  • DispatchOptimizer to lower empty mileage and reduce repositioning, per diem, gate, storage and handling charges.  
  • DispatchTariff to have a centralized view of all of Apex’s freight rates to more quickly discover the best partner for a particular trip.
  • DispatchTender to broadcast work orders and receive individual quotes from any motor carrier within their network. This reduces the time taken to find the right service provider, opens new opportunities for optimization, and lowers operational costs.
  • DispatchInsight to look at their operational activity and better understand their freight costs and address actionable areas to lower transportation spend. Apex can also measure the performance of their partners against established KPIs. Previously, data was gathered from multiple systems, aggregated, then assimilated into reports; now the data is automatically updated in real-time.


IAS Dispatch will integrate into the back-end processes of Apex’s proprietary system (an expanded TMS with general business capabilities).

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