Vocollect Introduces A700 Solution

Wearable solution integrates voice with hands-free scanning in one device

Vocollect’s Talkman A700 solution integrates voice and scanning capabilities.
Vocollect’s Talkman A700 solution integrates voice and scanning capabilities.

PittsburghMay 16, 2013—Voice-enabled solutions provider Vocollect’s (of Intermec Inc.) new Talkman A700 solution integrates voice and scanning in one wearable solution to improve user productivity and reduce the need, cost and management of multiple peripherals. The solution facilitates hands-free scanning for process steps such as inducting totes at the beginning of assignments, batch-picking and product traceability.

“With the advent of our A700 solution, there is no better time for companies to take a new look at voice for transforming their distribution operations,” said Jay Armant, Vice President of Product Management, Vocollect. “As the global voice market leader, Vocollect brought forth a vision of the voice-centric warehouse, and today offers the most comprehensive end-to-end, integrated solution to help companies optimize their supply chain performance.”

The A700 solution is designed to be used by both new and existing users of Vocollect Voice. It provides a flexible, configurable architecture approach, which allows it to adapt to new challenges within the supply chain as business needs evolve.

In addition to the optional integrated bar code scanner, when used in combination with Vocollect’s VoiceCatalyst software and wireless SRX2 headset, the A700 solution supports a number of features that accelerate deployment and shift start-up times and improve both system performance and user comfort.

  • Vocollect SoundSense maximizes speech recognition quality by blocking unwanted environmental sounds such as honking forklifts, conveyors and freezer fans, which enables a 50 percent reduction in recognition errors when compared to other leading industrial headsets
  • Vocollect TouchConnect brings immediate touch-pairing of a worker’s Vocollect SRX2 wireless headset to the A700 solution to reduce start-up times
  • Vocollect RapidStart provides workers with consistent, self-guided education to minimize supervisory coaching time and increasing the speed of worker competency on processes
  • Personalized Voices introduces a “personalized voice” option which enhances the nearly 200 voice options currently offered by Vocollect

“We are excited to see our strategic global partner integrate scanning and voice technologies in a single compact unit,” said Robert Nilsson, Vice President and General Manager of Software and Supply Chain Intelligence for Dematic. “With our growing software capabilities in warehouse controls, we can now execute voice direction with quality control and product tracking functions that often require a scanning device. Having these capabilities in a single platform improves efficiency and delivers a better customer experience.”

The Vocollect A700 solution will be commercially available in the fall of 2013.

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