Valet Waste Strengthens Fleet Efficiency with GPS Insight

A technology supplier of GPS fleet tracking solutions, GPS Insight, has shown to be very effective in improving Valet Waste fleet operations with its software.

The GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution has helped create a more efficient workflow and significantly cut fuel costs.

Valet Waste has found that GPS Insight's solution is detailed, allowing the company to customize the interface to fit its exact needs. Valet Waste is integrating its customer service database with the GPS Insight software to optimize its workflow.

"The integration will auto-populate our calendar by recognizing the assigned truck to the employee entering the landmarks, or what we call communities. From the calendar page all tasks will be entered quickly, minimizing computer work and maximizing productive time spent on the property," said Nick Choma, Valet Waste regional manager for west coast Florida.

In the first few months of service, Valet Waste had seen substantial fuel savings. Within two months' time its fuel card bill dropped 16 percent, which is a 168 percent ROI from the GPS Insight software in fuel savings alone.

Valet Waste credits GPS Insight for considerably enhancing the efficiency of its fleet and improving customer service.

"We require our employees to visit our clients routinely, and GPS Insight has been able to confirm those visits and track the frequency of those visits, to help ensure our promise of customer service is being upheld," said Choma.