Competitive Investment Rates Draw Logistics Provider to Bahrain

Manama, Bahrain: Samel, a leading specialist for dry bulk solutions in the Middle East, has chosen Bahrain as its logistics hub for the Gulf Region.

"This strategic partnership allows Samel and the Bahrain Logistic Zone (BLZ) to open the gates for highly specialized logistics in this region, with Bahrain playing an important role as a distribution hub for the GCC," Dr. Wolfgang Hoppmann, Samel CEO, said.

Factors such as Bahrain's competitive rates, world-class import/export services and close proximity to the Khalifa Bin Salman Port, led to Samel's decision, Hassan Ali Al Majed, the director general of BLZ, said.

Dr. Wolfgang expects that others businesses, particularly in the bulk goods industry, will quickly follow his company's path as Bahrain's competitive rates and investment opportunities become better known.

"Ultimately, this will lead to a drastic increase in the number of companies with specialized expertise and operational skills, especially in the bulk market, setting up shop in Bahrain, which will help support Bahrain's economy in the future," Dr. Wolfgang Hoppmann, Samel CEO, said.


Source: Kingdom of Bahrain