Dairy Queen Welcomes New Store Interior

Worthington, OH: After years of a "cafeteria" atmosphere, Dairy Queen's assistant store manager Penny Bossert is extremely pleased with the new make-over the store underwent late last year.

Two double-door cake freezers line a new wall that was built to separate the dining area from the counter, and also to showcase the store's novelty ice-cream cakes.

"Customers can have a better look at the cakes they want to take home and share with their families," Bossert said, adding the recent holiday season was a busy one for cakes.

A standard ice-cream cake has a chocolate base, a fudge-and-crunch filling, and vanilla frosting, which Bossert said can be customized based on a customer's preference.

"You can also have your favorite Blizzard treat added into the cake," she said, pointing to a freezer full of Blizzard cakes. "The bottom is all vanilla, with a fudge-and crunch in the middle and the top third of the cake is your favorite blizzard topping."

Prior to the remodeling, the cake freezers were in two separate areas of the store, which were ineffective at times because customers could miss one or the other. Apart from the sweet treats, Bossert explained the two most popular menu items are the chicken strips served with country gravy and the grilled burger.

Also new to the store is a self-serve drink station. In the dining area, customers now have the option of booths or dining tables compared to the previous booth-only seating.

"They are more family-friendly and we have one extra-large booth," Bossert added.

Remodeling of the store occurred in early December -- leaving only the drive-through open for customers.

"A lot of people didn't know we did it, so when they came in, they were pleasantly surprised," Bossert said.