Recycled Waste Oil From Hotel Chain To Fuel Food Deliveries

Cheshire, UK based bio-energy company, Convert2Green and wholesale food supplier, 3663, have secured a contract with Marriott hotels to collect waste cooking oil from its hotels.

The partners say that the oil collected by Convert2Green will be refined into bio-diesel at its plant in Cheshire and turned into carbon savings by being used to fuel 3663's trucks. Additionally, 3663 is Marriott's supply chain partner, for food deliver supply deliveries back to its estate.

Marriott produces large quantities of waste cooking oil each year in the restaurants across its estate. According to Convert2Green, diverting this oil from landfill and recycling it to high quality bio-fuel can help Marriott to reduce carbon emissions by up to 90 percent.

Convert2Green says that it is also working in partnership with other clients in the food and hospitality industry, including Robinson's pubs, T.G.I Fridays, Carluccios, Cygnet Foods and Tamar foods to reduce carbon emissions and cut costs.

The move comes as part of Marriott's wider sustainability objectives to reduce energy, waste, water and resource consumption, and to recycle and use greener, non-toxic materials in its supply chain.

"We have a clear goal to reduce energy consumption globally as a business by 25 percent by 2017 - these energy savings are part of our overall sustainability strategy," explains Chris Moore, senior procurement manager, Marriott.