Golden Flake Snack Foods Does The QuickStep With Lawson Software

Regional food manufacturer will use Lawson business applications to help reduce time and costs associated with bringing products to market.

Birmingham, AL: Lawson Software has announced that food manufacturer Golden Flake Snack Foods Inc., has selected Lawson QuickStep Food & Beverage, an industry pre-configured solution based on the latest version of the Lawson M3 Enterprise Management System.

Golden Flake Snack Foods, based here, is a snack food manufacturer and distributor with approximately 850 employees and distribution to 12 states in the southern United States. Due to Golden Flake Snack Foods’ rapid growth over the past several years, the company needed to update its outdated, disparate business applications with a centralized solution to help meet the challenges of its growing business.

The solution was built on Lawson’s knowledge of business processes and challenges in the food and beverage industry. It is designed to help meet a variety of demands, from fast moving industry supply chains and short order-to-delivery cycles to the handling of perishable products and raw materials. This helps companies like Golden Flake Snack Foods reduce the time, cost and risks associated with bringing products to market.

The contract was signed during the third quarter of Lawson’s 2011 fiscal year, which ended Feb. 28, 2011.

As part of this enterprise software deployment, Golden Flake Snack Foods also licensed select Lawson Human Resource Management applications, including Absence Management and Payroll. These applications will help the company better track and manage employee time off and help streamline payroll operations, including quarterly filings and reporting. Lawson Professional Services will assist with the implementation.

“Our old system was inefficient and required a lot of manual data entry, duplicate keying and detailed lookups, when many of these processes should be either eliminated or automated,” says Patty Townsend, vice president and CFO of Golden Flake Snack Foods. “Our business has grown substantially, and in turn, so has the volume of our data. The Lawson system will help provide us with the flexibility and features necessary to adapt to the changing needs of our business. Ultimately, this will help us continue to provide excellent customer service.”

“Lawson QuickStep Food & Beverage is designed to address the complex challenges food and beverage companies face, from material and capacity planning to production and distribution,” says Frederic Champalbert, general manager of Food & Beverage for Lawson, St. Paul, MN. “By connecting core business processes in the enterprise, Lawson is able to help companies like Golden Flake achieve greater visibility into their business. In the end, it’s about helping them increase operational efficiency, enhance customer service and improve their bottom lines.”