Dematic Introduces Alert Monitoring Service

New software allows constant view of material handling systems.

Grand Rapids, MI: Dematic, supplier of logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and the distribution center, has introduced a new support capability for users of automated material handling systems called Alert Monitoring Service. The Alert Monitoring Service provides a constant view of a user’s material handling system. It monitors trends to reveal issues before they become critical and potentially lead to unwanted downtime. Alert Monitoring Service provides notifications about the status of controls, computer hardware and equipment. Personnel at the user site are notified by e-mail or SMS text messages with an alert of impending issues and recommended actions.

Utilizing Alert Monitoring Service allows a proactive and pre-emptive approach to the ongoing operational support of an automated material handling system. It uses smart filters and trend monitoring to determine if an issue requires action as well as the appropriate response. With early notification, many operational and technical issues can be addressed before an impact to system performance occurs.

The Alert Monitoring software utility is the constant “eyes on the system.” Dematic manages the definition and configuration of metrics, alerts, and notifications so the appropriate personnel automatically receive electronic alerts when a configured and tracked condition occurs. Alert notifications will enable Dematic and the customer’s support personnel to resolve system issues, often before operators are aware of the condition, thus improving the operating performance of the facility.

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