Navigating Standard 1.2.7 - The Regulation of Nutrition and Health Claims in Australia/NZ

May 30, 2016
May 30, 2016

This course is designed for people marketing foods with claimed health benefits in Australia and New Zealand. This includes individuals that have regulatory affairs, marketing or quality management systems responsibilities for making general improvements in their organization’s performance specifically related to maximizing sales through the promotion of claimed health benefits. The following personnel will benefit from the course:

  • Marketing and advertising professionals
  • Labelling compliance specialists
  • Senior quality managers
  • Quality professionals
  • Regulatory professionals
  • Compliance professionals
  • Production supervisors

Instructor Profile:

Janine Curll, BSc (microbiology) LLB MAIFST PhD candidate (Monash University), is principal consultant of Food Labelling Matters a consulting practice devoted to food regulatory affairs, strategy and compliance. Ms. Curll's professional research focus at Monash University is strategies for ‘food fraud’ control within the food labelling and regulatory system.

Her work is based on nearly 20 years of experience. She has worked for plaintiff and defendant law firms, a state food regulator - the NSW Food Authority, and universities. She is an acknowledged expert in food labelling regulations and business compliance in Australia and New Zealand and a PhD Candidate on the topic of food fraud and the tools for combat. 


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