GCCA/OSHA Alliance Team Unveils Ammonia Safety Poster

Project is the first in a series of products to be produced by the team.

Washington: The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA)/Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) Alliance Team has completed work on an ammonia safety poster that provides basic safety information for anyone working in an ammonia refrigeration facility.

The vast majority of refrigerated warehouses utilize ammonia as their primary refrigerant, so the Alliance Team identified ammonia safety as a high priority for Alliance activity.

The poster is the first in a series of compliance assistance products developed through the GCCA/OSHA Alliance to promote safety across the cold chain. Future plans include the translation of this poster into Spanish and additional posters focused on ammonia and worker safety.

The poster is available for download free of charge on the GCCA/OSHA Alliance Website at www.gcca.org/gcca/GCCA-OSHA_Alliance.html under “Other Resources.” Anyone interested in ammonia safety, from GCCA members to the general public, is encouraged to download, share, and post the poster.

This is the first product resulting from the agreement GCCA signed with OSHA in July 2010. Information on the agreement and alliance online is available online at http://www.gcca.org/gcca/GCCA-OSHA_Alliance.html.