Top 10 Most Read Articles on Food Logistics

Food Logistics editors look back on the top 10 most read articles on our website.

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Food Logistics is celebrating its 200th edition this September. Since debuting 20 years ago, the magazine has been dedicated to covering the movement of product and information throughout the food supply chain.

To commemorate this milestone, the Food Logistics editors are looking back at the top 10 most read articles on our website.

“Good fortune alone isn’t why Food Logistics is thriving,” editor Lara Sowinski writes in her “For Starters” column. “I chalk it up to two things. One: the dynamic, constantly evolving, and increasingly complex global food supply chain that serves as its fundamental inspiration. Two: the founding editors, publishers, supporters and others who have made their mark over the years—and who beyond the obvious profitability of the publication—were attracted to and intrigued by the topic of food. Namely, how it gets from the farm to our forks.”

Take a look at how the food supply chain has changed over these last 200 issues.

10.) Key Ports & Carriers in the Global Food Supply Chain (2014)

The article takes a closer look at some of the key U.S. ports in the global food supply chain, highlighting the port of Philadelphia, port of Jacksonville, port of Los Angeles and more as leaders in the ever-growing sector.

9.) How Globalization Challenges Safety in the Food Supply Chain (2015)

In an exclusive to Food Logistics, Patricia Hottel dives into the challenges globalization has brought to the food supply chain. With recalls on the rise, the article determines if vulnerabilities in the supply chain can withstand the growth of globalization.

8.) Managing the Cold Storage Supply Chain (2011)

Companies in the food supply chain can often face challenges when it comes to moving temperature-sensitive products. In this article, various third-party-logistics providers give advice on how to attain high performance in transporting the chilled goods and speak on areas in the cold chain ranging from carrier relationships to storage equipment.

7.) IoT Technology Uplifts Container Tracking (2016)

2016 may not seem so long ago, but technology wise, everything is ancient news. IoT technology was just starting to make a name for itself just two years ago, and is now a dominating force within the industry. In this article, Elliot Maras writes about the technology just as ocean carriers started to make hefty investments.

6.) The Warehouse as a Competitive Advantage (2015)

Three years ago investing in warehouse space seemed like a silly waste of money. With the sudden rise in e-commerce, we know that not only is warehouse space an excellent investment, it has become a necessity. Our sixth most read article examines market trends that impact warehouse inventory management, and what technology is needed to help businesses meet their needs.

5.) Food and Beverages Push into E-Commerce, Raising Questions for the Supply Chain (2014)

While e-commerce has been dominating the food and beverage industry for some time now, in 2014 it was just the beginning of a massive shift. At just the start of the e-commerce boom, the article gives an overview of the different initiatives the food and beverage industry took to enter the market.

4.) Ten Companies to Watch (2010)

At the start of the new decade, Food Logistics highlighted 10 companies in the industry that were using innovative solutions to address logistical challenges. Almost nine years later, how do you think they stacked up?

3.) Shipping Perishables by Air Cargo (2012)

Before cherries were bogged down by hefty tariffs, the fruit was one of the main exports travelling by air to the UK. Exporting products long distance creates many restrictions. Maria Hoffman details the challenges shipping temperature-sensitive products and how to combat them.

2.) Food Industry Logistics: Trends that Matter (2015)

Consumer behaviors and preferences are changing at a rapid pace, and back in 2015 nothing was different. Industry leaders needed to act fast to capitalize on trends and manage risks. This article provides perspectives on what the future may look like and how companies can respond to trends.

1.) The Global Food Supply Chain (2012)

Food Logistics editor Lara Sowinski writes about the global food supply chain in the top read article on our website. Noting the opportunities and risks the global supply chain has, Sowinski paints a picture on what all goes into moving food world-wide.