Industrial Robot for Complex Environments

Pudu Robotics launched its first robot designed specifically for industrial applications.

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Pudu Robotics launched its first robot designed specifically for industrial applications.

The PUDU T300 features superior maneuverability with an ability to navigate efficiently through the variety of narrow passageways commonly found in industrial facilities.

“There is a huge demand from industrial clients for automated, flexible robotics solutions that can operate continuously to meet high production rates and improve operational efficiency,” says Felix Zhang, founder and CEO of Pudu Robotics. “As manufacturers struggle to attract and retain talent, the T300 fills the immediate gap by seamlessly integrating with facilities’ current processes as well as optimizing operations to spur sector-wide innovation.” 


Key takeaways:

  • The PUDU T300 includes “map-and-go” functionality that allows for immediate use without network connectivity, unlike many industrial robots that depend on extensive network setup.
  • The PUDU T300 is specifically designed to handle tasks like delivering supplies to production lines, transferring materials between different production areas, and assisting in the delivery of samples for quality inspection.
  • The PUDU T300 is designed to alleviate potential labor shortages by automating the delivery and transport of materials.
  • The PUDU T300 is built on the company's proprietary PUDU VSLAM+ technology, which ensures the PUDU T300 can quickly adapt to changes in production layouts without the need for time-consuming reconfiguration or site remodeling.
  • With its ability to navigate spaces as slim as 23.6 inches and to cross 0.7-inch thresholds and 1.3-inch gutters, PUDU T300 can shuttle between production lines, delivering supplies without issues.
  • PUDU T300 supports a fusion of laser SLAM and visual SLAM for positioning, providing strong environmental adaptability, especially in high-ceiling factory scenarios. The robot can update its map in real time based on actual site changes, ensuring stable and reliable positioning.
  • PUDU T300 includes secure door access, elevator control, a self-configuring network with call options, and production line material requests via an app to seamlessly integrate into production processes.
  • PUDU T300 can be used to improve production lines across the entire manufacturing sector, including 3C electronics manufacturers, automotive parts processing facilities, metalworking, semiconductor fabrication plants, among others.