Toyota Expands 4-Wheel Ac Electric Line To Include Compact Battery Compartment Option

Irvine, CA: Toyota Material Handling, USA Inc. unveiled a Compact 27-inch Battery Compartment option available on Toyota's 8-Series 4-wheel AC electric lift trucks, in 4,000 and 5,000 pound load capacities.

Ideally suited for a range of indoor material handling needs, from food and beverage to general warehousing and distribution centers, the new option supports jobs with narrow aisle and tight turning radius requirements while maintaining peak capacities at high lift heights.

The short design, accommodating either a 36-volt or 48-volt battery housed in a 27-inch compartment unit, enables the lift truck to maneuver comfortably in narrow 12-foot aisles. Consumers also save on the initial battery and charger cost due to the smaller battery size used and the lower charger output requirements with this Compact Battery Compartment option. Without compromising travel or lift speeds, the compact option offers the performance benefits of an AC-powered system, including extended battery shift life, reduced downtime between charges and a virtually maintenance-free system for greater operator efficiency.

"The addition of Toyota's Compact Battery Compartment option on the 8-Series 4-wheel AC electric product line fills a need for customers seeking shorter, more compact lift trucks to help increase their productivity," says Martin Boyd, vice president of product planning, training and marketing for TMHU. "With an enhanced product portfolio, Toyota continues to offer solutions that meet our customers' specific material handling needs and demands."

Toyota's 4-wheel AC electric lift truck models with the new Compact Battery Compartment option offer the performance benefits of an AC-powered system, which conserves and regenerates power to maximize operational productivity between battery charges. The AC-powered system features a "power keep" function, which is designed to compensate for battery depletion and corresponding loss of performance, allowing for longer run times and more consistent power output throughout each battery charge cycle.

In addition, energy is continually recovered through three forms of regenerative braking: coast control, plug braking and foot braking extending run times significantly and prolonging brake component life.

Toyota's virtually maintenance-free AC-powered system contains no motor brushes, springs, commutator or wearable parts to service and replace, resulting in fewer, quicker and less expensive maintenance and operational costs. The lift truck's AC-powered drive system and AC-powered hydraulic system boost travel and lift speeds. Also, by controlling the on-demand, full hydrostatic power steering through the AC hydraulic motor system, there is one less motor to service and maintain.

This notable increase in AC-powered performance, combined with a reduction in down time for maintenance, means significant enhancements in productivity and efficiency for customers.

The 8-Series 4-wheel AC electric lift trucks with this option offer Toyota's exclusive System of Active Stability (SAS), which helps reduce the likelihood of lateral and longitudinal tipovers. When the SAS system detects instability, its advanced sensors simultaneously signal and engage the appropriate controller. The Active Control Rear Stabilizer System and the Active Mast Function Controller System work in conjunction to add truck stability and help reduce the likelihood of a lateral overturn and decrease the chance of spilling a load or tipping the lift truck forward or backward.

Additionally, for maximum productivity and to minimize product damage, an Auto Height Select option is available to allow warehouse managers to program the lift truck to automatically stop the forks at up to three pre-determined rack heights.

The new Compact Battery Compartment option will be manufactured exclusively at the company's facility in Columbus, ID, Toyota Industrial Equipment Mfg. Inc. (TIEM) with orders currently being accepted.