2009 Innovator: CaseStack #11

CaseStack Keeping It Green

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CaseStack Keeping It Green

CaseStack is a sustainability-focused supply chain innovator that provides logistics outsourcing services to companies selling products to retailers, distributors and other manufacturers. The Santa Monica-based company has been able to provide sustainable solutions to companies who are looking to advance operations with a greener supply chain, but don’t have the infrastructure to develop it themselves.

For companies interested in total logistics services, CaseStack offers consolidation programs that “mass transits” customers’ products by combining separate LTL deliveries headed to the same DC, store or region into one full truckload. Depending on retailer orders, CaseStack has the ability to create 100 percent truckload shipments.

For companies interested in transportation services only, CaseStack aligns with green carriers that provide fleets with sustainable features and whether they have received certifications from their industry and/or the Environmental Protection Agency.

Fuel efficient fleets run better, last longer, lower emissions and save money. The results of CaseStack’s Consolidation Program are that customers see an average of 50 percent reduction in transportation costs, an average 20 percent improvement in the must-arrive-by-fate, 7.75M lbs less of CO2 emissions each year, $51,000 savings in reduced damages, and a 57 percent increase in sales to major retailers. Consolidation reduces the number of trucks on the road, congestion at docks and simplifies processes for both the shipper and the retailer.

Customers who opt for greener transportation and ship with Case-Stack’s sustainable carriers 40 percent of the time or more become “Certified Green Customers.”