Taylor Express Adopts Omnitracs One Platform to Deliver a Better Experience for Drivers and Customers

Omnitracs LLC announced a deepened partnership with Taylor Express that will include migration to Omnitracs One, the enterprise-grade mobility platform.

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Omnitracs LLC announced a deepened partnership with Taylor Express that will include migration to Omnitracs One, the enterprise-grade mobility platform. The company plans to transition its entire fleet of 100 trucks and 370 trailers in order to gain real-time visibility into deliveries, while improving communication and workflow for drivers.

Serving communities across the United States and Canada, Taylor Express has been a longtime advocate of leveraging technology to create efficiencies and enrich driver satisfaction. During the company’s more than 20-year partnership with Omnitracs, the team has implemented other solutions to support drivers, like Omnitracs Performance Monitoring and Omnitracs Hours of Service. In addition to the new platform migration, Taylor Express will also be distributing new equipment and facilitating training to ensure a smooth implementation for drivers.  

“We feel a sense of pride in working with Omnitracs, and we’re honored to be able to offer the most advanced solution to our drivers,” said Dave Wiebusch, President at Taylor Express. “Historically, many drivers have been challenged by the need to juggle multiple dashboards and communication options. The Omnitracs One platform appealed to us because it’s a holistic, flexible solution with multiple products available in one place. The solution makes communication seamless and streamlines driver workflow, while also allowing us to keep pace with the rapid changes of the industry.” 

Taylor Express anticipates the following benefits from the all-in-one solution:

  • A more seamless driver experience with an automated workflow and improved back-office communications.
  • Advanced mobility offerings that eliminate paperwork and provide drivers with flexibility to complete tasks both in and out of the cab.
  • An improved customer experience with enhanced visibility into both driver location and drop off points.
  • One, centralized integration point for data with consolidated application using a cloud-based environment.

“We look forward to expanding our partnership with Taylor Express to enhance their supply chain presence throughout the industry,” said Greg Nelson, Chief Commercial Officer at Omnitracs. “With the ability to house data all in one place, Taylor Express can create new operational efficiencies that will simplify trip management, improve driver and back-office communication, offer visibility into asset and vehicle health, and much more.”