Trucker Tools and TruckPark Announce Strategic Partnership

Finding safe and secure overnight parking is one of the most difficult tasks truckers face every day.

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Trucker Tools entered into a strategic partnership with TruckPark to launch a platform integration that will enable overnight truck parking reservations powered by TruckPark to be made directly inside the Trucker Tools mobile driver app. Trucker Tools’ community of drivers can access the real-time parking reservation system seamlessly without having to open another app, and with a few clicks can find, reserve, pay for and receive a digital receipt for secured parking at over 100 privately-owned, commercial parking facilities in the United States.

“For many years, the parking feature of our app has aggregated and presented up-to-date information on thousands of public parking resources, such as highway rest areas, commercial truck stops and Walmart locations, among others,” says Prasad Gollapalli, founder and chief executive of Trucker Tools. “It also provides drivers with in-route, on-the-way directions and arrival ETAs.”

Finding safe and secure overnight parking is one of the most difficult tasks truckers face every day.

“Addressing this issue and helping drivers manage the parking challenge is a top imperative for us,” Gollapalli adds. “By integrating TruckPark’s functionality and network, we’re making our parking feature that much more comprehensive and timelier, giving drivers accurate, new visibility into available parking options for commercial lots.” 

“TruckPark’s mission is focused on solving parking challenges, and we’re proud that we’re able to help Trucker Tools mobile app users by simplifying their day to day operations through this integration,” says Anthony Petitte, chief executive officer of TruckPark. “Fleet managers, brokers and digital freight markets can leverage our technology to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and boost safety. We’re excited to make this new integration available today through Trucker Tools’ ecosystem.”