Arrive Logistics Joins DAT Pilot Program for New Truckload Rate-Prediction Tools

Arrive Logistics has joined a pilot program to evaluate DAT’s latest truckload rate forecasting tools: DAT Market Conditions Index.

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DAT Solutions announced that Arrive Logistics has joined a pilot program to evaluate DAT’s latest truckload rate forecasting tools: DAT Market Conditions Index (MCI), a powerful indicator of truckload freight supply and demand; and new rate-prediction technology that leverages DAT RateView, the industry’s most accurate and complete source of spot and contract rate information.

“Our growth is predicated on providing our team with technology and data that drive efficiency and customer service,” said David Spencer, Arrive Logistics Director of Business Intelligence. “We are always looking to the future to understand what our partners need and are excited to be among the first to begin incorporating this data into our capacity planning and pricing models. Working with DAT helps us fulfill our commitment to providing world-class services to our partners.”

The pilot program will run through the end of March. MCI and DAT’s predictive rate and analytics tools will be made available to third-party logistics providers, freight brokers, truck fleets, financial analysts, and other industry stakeholders in April.

MCI is a comprehensive and dynamic indicator of future changes in rates for van, refrigerated, and flatbed freight. This measure of supply and demand incorporates actual inbound and outbound freight transactions, load-board post and search behavior, and short-term and long-term trends to generate a holistic view of past, present, and future market conditions.

DAT’s predictive rate and analytics tools provide freight brokers, shippers, and carriers with reliable truckload price intelligence. Generating predictions from one day to one year in the future, DAT’s data and algorithms account for short-term market effects, seasonal impacts, and long-term price trends, providing brokers with unmatched market perspective.

“MCI and DAT’s new rate forecasting tools are a powerful combination for rapidly growing tech-enabled brokerages like Arrive. In this market, decisions must be made quickly, and having the best information can give brokers the edge they need to win more business and cover more freight,” said Claude Pumilia, DAT Solutions CEO and President. “We have a long track record of success with Arrive, and they will be an important voice in our early access programs as we move toward commercial launches in April.”

Arrive is a modern 3PL built on an Informed Platform™ integrating people, processes, and technology that work interdependently to enable Arrive’s team to deliver on promises in a new era of logistics. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Arrive has more than 1,000 employees in Austin, Chattanooga, Tenn., and Chicago.

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