J.B. Hunt Announces New Trailer Pool and Drop-And-Hook Service

J.B. Hunt 360box that will improve the efficiency of freight operations for businesses and carriers.

J Bhunt
J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt Transport Services has a new trailer pool and drop-and-hook service, J.B. Hunt 360box, that will improve the efficiency of freight operations for businesses and carriers. 

The service will introduce a pool of 500 additional 53-foot trailers that businesses can reserve for drop trailer purposes, accelerating the available units as market demand grows. Carriers will make offers to transport the trailers using Carrier 360 by J.B. Hunt, helping carriers save money, spend more time driving and improve overall experience.

“360box adds capacity to a customer’s supply chain while moving more freight in a way that’s efficient for both the customer and the carrier,” says John Roberts, president and CEO of J.B. Hunt. “Usually only large carriers with available resources can provide this type of drop-trailer service. By using our trailers, however, shippers with consistent freight can now connect with the power of small carriers and owner operators, which together represent 83% of all drivers.” 

360box eliminates the need to immediately load and unload trailers, preventing the loss in productivity that can occur during a live delivery such as dock door wait and detention. Drivers can drop the trailer in a designated area and go on to their next load, allowing shippers flexibility with their freight management while adding capacity to their supply chain. 

“As much as one-third of a driver’s day includes idle time and empty miles,” says Shelley Simpson, executive vice president and chief commercial officer of J.B. Hunt. “When considering there are 3.5 million drivers, that’s a lot of waste. 360box is designed to transform that inefficiency into productivity, keeping drivers on the move with full trailers."

360box trailers will be equipped with technology that provides end-to-end load tracking and monitoring. The company completed installation of tracking technology on all 100,000-plus company trailers and containers in 2018.