Food and Beverage Companies Interested in New Electric Tesla Truck

A number of food and beverage companies around the world have placed pre-orders for the Tesla Semi.


Numerous amount of food and beverage companies have pre-ordered Tesla’s new electric semi-truck. PepsiCo put in an order for 100, Anheuser-Busch ordered 40 and Sysco has taken 50.

Most food suppliers organize their deliveries on a hub and spoke model. Most product travels short distances, so companies wouldn’t have to worry about diesel. The semis would have dedicated infrastructures where they would be able to charge.

Every year trucks transporting Anheuser-Busch products travel the distance to circle the Earth 18,000 times, using about $120 million worth of fuel. With the new Tesla trucks, they would be able to save about $8 million in fuel costs.

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