Ryder Notes Growing Diversity Of Fleets Using Natural Gas

As fueling infrastructure expands and natural gas vehicle technologies continue to evolve, a greater diversity of fleet applications can now be supported by this alternative fuel.


Whether it’s retail, food distribution, e-commerce, or logistics, companies from every industry, large and small, are realizing the benefits of natural gas vehicles according to Ryder System, Inc., a provider in commercial fleet management, dedicated transportation, and supply chain solutions, according to Fuel Market News. As fueling infrastructure expands and natural gas vehicle technologies continue to evolve, a greater diversity of fleet applications can now be supported by this alternative fuel.

Among recent Ryder deals are DFS Group, Dot Transportation, Inc., Move Loot, and TQ Logistics, all of which have deployed natural gas trucks leased from Ryder into their fleets and the communities that they operate. From an e-commerce start-up to one of the largest food industry redistributors, these companies are stepping forward to gain sustainability and economic benefits by using natural gas trucks to deliver for their customers.

“Ryder continues to see broadening interest in natural gas vehicles from businesses of various sizes and industries that see the longer-term environmental and fuel efficiency benefits,” said Dennis Cooke, Ryder president of global fleet management solutions. “When companies outsource to Ryder, they get the value of our extensive experience operating and maintaining natural gas fleets, so they can reduce risk, maximize performance, and speed return on investment.”

Dot Transportation, Inc., a subsidiary of Dot Foods, Inc., the nation’s first and largest food industry redistributor, has leased one Ryder CNG vehicle to support its day-to-day distribution operations in the Northern California region. The vehicles are serviced out of Ryder’s maintenance facility in Sacramento, Calif. which is engineered to meet the unique compliance requirements for natural gas. “After evaluating a number of different alternative fuels and strongly considering compressed natural gas for the past few years, we decided to partner with Ryder to place the first CNG truck in our fleet,” said Kevin Buss, director of fleet maintenance for Dot Transportation, Inc. “Not only is it a cleaner fuel, but we also expect to see real fuel cost savings over time.”

TQ Logistics, a dedicated trucking service provider with operations based in 23 states, has leased three compressed natural gas vehicles to support its dedicated transportation model in Milwaukee, Wis. With the signing of TQ Logistics, Ryder now expands its NGV offering into Wisconsin for the first time. The new CNG vehicles will be added to TQ Logistics’ current fleet of Ryder leased diesel powered vehicles to support its customers’ sustainability initiatives. “Even with the drop in diesel fuel prices, the stability of natural gas fuel costs, along with the environmental benefits of natural gas vehicle technology, brings significant value to our customer’s dedicated fleet operation,” said Jim Foulks, vice president of sales and marketing for TQ Logistics. “With Ryder’s help, our team is committed to providing our customers with the best overall delivery service while also helping them achieve the best transportation value in the industry.”

With a Ryder Full Service Lease, Ryder acquires vehicles according to the customers’ specifications and provides financing, maintenance, and fleet support services. Ryder also manages vehicle disposal to protect customers from residual risk.

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