Randall Manufacturing Revamps Warehouse Website And Social Media Tools

Manufacturer of temperature and space zoning products for the warehouse and transportation industries, Randall Manufacturing, has launched their new Warehouse website and social media tools.

Randall Manufacturing revamps warehouse website and social media tools.
Randall Manufacturing revamps warehouse website and social media tools.

The updated Warehouse website features a dramatic new look that highlights expanded product lines - which include: InsulWall insulated curtain walls, industrial and noise curtains, tarps, and insulated covers. The website includes numerous interactive tools to connect and educate their customers.

“After a year of planning, we’re proud to introduce this dramatic upgrade for our warehouse market,” said Fred Jevaney, president, Randall Manufacturing.

“This has been a collaborative company effort to create a website that provides a generous amount of product information, photo galleries, and interactive tools. Our social media presence augments the website with the latest industry information, trends, and must-knows. Now that the switch has been flipped, this is just the start of connecting, educating, and staying in step with the warehouse market.”

New key features include:

• Product dropdown organizes products into Insulated Curtains – InsulWall®, Non-Insulated Curtains – Industrial, Noise and Tarps, Insulated Covers and InsulAir™. The product pages present information in a user-friendly tab format with a photo gallery, installation information, and product specifications and options. Tools to share information in the social world are also available.

• Building Green addresses an important need among building managers, architects, 3PLs, and material handling partners– using environment-friendly materials and products. GREEN InsulWall, made from recycled insulation, provides energy efficiency, reduces waste by successfully zoning temperature and space, and may contribute toward LEED certification.

• Product Applications are associated with the type of curtain – insulated or non-insulated. Insulated applications feature a number of different InsulWall case studies. Non-insulated applications feature industrial curtains used as paint spray booths, dock enclosures, and welding curtains. In addition, the noise curtain and the unique Roof Leak Diverter are highlighted. Randall expects to add additional case studies and non-insulated applications throughout the year.

“Our social media tools provide us the opportunity to connect in a real-time, relevant manner that we are very excited about,” continued Mr. Jevaney. “Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn provide our market with the tools they are most comfortable using while staying connected with warehouse temperature and space zoning news.”

To learn more, visit: randallmfg.com/warehouse

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