Phononic Partners with Pepsi Bottling Ventures to Transform the Food and Beverage Retail Environment with Solid-State Cooling Technology

The refrigerators offer food retailers an innovative and sustainable alternative to compressor-based refrigeration.


Phononic, a leader in cooling and heating technology, has teamed up with Pepsi Bottling Ventures (PBV) to expand current deployment of the company's Merchandising Refrigerator to PBV customers. The refrigerators offer food retailers an innovative and sustainable alternative to compressor-based refrigeration. The refrigerators also store more inventory, driving sales higher and lower replenishment trips, while delivering an unsurpassed sustainability footprint. 

"Phononic's sustainable solid-state cooling technology is groundbreaking and furthers our goal of improving environmental sustainability throughout our entire organization and within the communities in which we operate," says Randy Quirk, vice president of Foodservice at PBV. "The Phononic Merchandising Refrigerator has been an incredible asset for our retail store customers. Each sustainable unit delivers compact and energy efficient utilization of merchandising floor space, uniform temperatures and maintenance savings. Based on these features, our customers now have the freedom to rethink in-store layout and optimize refrigerator placement, creating incremental revenue opportunities."

A recent survey commissioned by Phononic found that 50 percent of food retail executives claimed that they hadn't figured out a way to leverage technology as successfully as non-food retailers. Meanwhile, 60 percent of respondents said they feel their organization doesn't invest enough in in-store technology. Technological differentiation is critical for food retailers, and the company aims to reimagine the shopping experience by allowing for optimal in-store placement. 

"We are thrilled to partner with Pepsi Bottling Ventures to give food retailers the innovative solid-state cooling technology they need to improve operating margins and maximize selling potential," says Dana Krug, vice president and general manage of food and beverage at Phononic. "Phononic's unrivaled solid-state cooling performance allows new placement opportunities that unlock new revenue streams and channels. As the food and beverage industry continues to be disrupted by innovations in checkout efficiency and in-store convenience, food retailers face a mounting challenge: to adapt their business to meet consumer demands, sustainability markers and technology upgrades, all while balancing their bottom line."