African-made Cooling Units Could Stop Tons of Food Loss

FreshBox, a solar-powered, walk in cold room, could help solve the global food waste problem.

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John Mbindyo was buying groceries at his local store in Nairobi, when the 28-year-old IT graduate wondered how long the shelf life was for fruits without electricity. When the store manager responded only two to three days, the idea for FreshBox was born.

FreshBox is a solar-powered, walk-in cold room that provides retailers with storage facilities to preserve perishable products. Operating for five months, the project offers vendors and farmers refrigeration services for 70 Kenyan shillings ($0.68) a crate per day.

Food waste and spoilage is a significant problem facing supply chains all over the world. The Rockefeller foundation says one-third of all food that is produced is never consumed—a staggering loss that could feed the nearly 800 million people who are food insecure of undernourished worldwide.

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