Yamato To Launch Cold Chain Parcel Delivery Services In Japan

Yamato launches its home delivery services through a new cold-storage vehicle, designed for frozen parcels.

Japanese logistics company, Yamato Holdings, recently recently announced their intent to launch new cold chain parcel delivery service from its facility at Tokyo's Haneda Airport, using a brand-new cold storage vehicle specifically designed for shipping frozen goods.

The company aims to expand its market in countries across Asia, where the demand for cold-storage services is expanding rapidly.

In Southeast Asia, only big retailers and restaurants have their own cold chain networks. Yamato is hoping to fill the large demand for parcel -delivery services in the Asian sector that many analysts expect to grow stronger in the coming years.

Convenience stores in Southeast Asia, deal in more non-perishable items than frozen and chilled products.

The spread of cold chain logistics services is expected to help increase the variety of products on offer in such stores.

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