Idaho Milk Companies Go Back To Milkman Delivery

Stoker Milk Co. and Boise Milk Co. combine to deliver milk to about 2,300 people throughout the Treasure Valley area in Idaho.

In a day and age where home delivery convenience is usually only discussed in connection with retail giants like Amazon and WalMart, this story from tells the story about how Stoker Milk Co. and Boise Milk Co. in Burley, Idaho, are going old-school ... back to the days where milk was delivered fresh to your door by a milkman.

“We can get milk from cow to consumer in 72 hours,” Stoker General Manager Nick Spells told Stoker had been bottling and delivering milk in Burley for about 70 years until last year.

That’s when Boise Milk Co. owner Andrew Stolworthy stepped in. He’d been buying milk from Stoker since 2010 and was operating a successful delivery business in the Treasure Valley. Stolworthy bought the Stoker bottling plant in 2013 and kept its name. He also kept all of its employees, but he temporarily closed the company’s small home delivery route in order to focus on $150,000 worth of upgrades to the bottling plant.

In March, Stoker announced on Facebook its plan to deliver milk to homes in the Magic Valley and “Just from that post, we had over 110 people want to sign up,” according to Spells. Barring any logistical issues, deliveries will begin to expand the following week farther into the Magic Valley.

“Home delivery is a hard business to succeed at unless you have many customers short drives apart,” he said.

Stolworthy had no experience in dairy but thought people might need the convenience of home milk delivery. He did some research, sent out postcard questionnaires and got a positive response.

“Within two weeks, I was delivering milk to homes,” said Stolworthy.

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