Henningsen Cold Storage Installs 78 kilowatt Solar-Electric System

Portland, OR: Henningsen Cold Storage announces the installation and commissioning of a 78 kilowatt solar-electric system on its Portland, Oregon cold storage operation. The company installed solar power to reduce and stabilize energy costs and to follow through on its long-standing commitment to protecting the environment.

The Henningsen installation includes 336 multi-crystalline solar panels, manufactured in the United States, covering 12,000 square feet of preexisting roof space. This system will supply approximately 5 percent of the electrical energy needs for the 145,000 square foot facility or 77,280 kilowatt hours of annual energy production.

Henningsen operates three cold storage facilities in the Portland area. Emphasizing its commitment to environmental stewardship, this is the second investment in solar power technology Henningsen has made. In 2010, the company installed a 200 kilowatt system on a 142,000 square foot facility.

It is estimated that over its 25-year warranted life, the Henningsen solar-energy system will keep 60 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. This is equivalent to driving an automobile over 1,970,950 miles or the annual CO2 offset of over 61,800 trees.