GNB Offers New High-Powered Cold Storage Battery

GNB Industrial Power has developed a new battery to meet the demands placed on vehicles working within cold storage environments

GNB Industrial Power, a division of Exide Technologies, recently announced they have developed a new battery called the TENSOR, aimed at meeting the increasing demands placed on vehicles working within cold storage environments. The high-performance Tensor battery provides a unique combination of increased performance, capacity and energy efficiency to make it ideal for use in cold-storage surroundings, as well as in heavy-duty applications, high-rack facilities, accessory equipment and 24/7 applications.

The improved performance of the Tensor is a result of its high-power density, while the battery’s high energy content and efficient energy recovery help to increase its running times. Tensor also has a significantly lower operating temperature than other batteries, thus extending its operational life. Together these benefits ensure a decrease in energy costs and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

“The excellent properties of this experimental battery, the knowledge we already had in producing high-power batteries, especially for submarines, and feedback from customers encouraged us to further develop and finally launch TENSOR the next-generation lead acid battery which can be used in even the most extreme conditions," said Dr. Kai Ruth, GNB European product manager. "Depending on the application and operating conditions, TENSOR shows an 18 percent increase in truck running time when compared to a conventional traction battery and the availability of the truck can be further increased by fast (opportunity) charging the battery. Ultimately, this is what most companies look for when buying a battery." To read more, click HERE.