Where Food Comes From Inc. Launches PoultryCARE Sustainability Standard

Where Food Comes From Inc. announced the launch of PoultryCARE, an innovative new sustainability standard for the poultry industry.

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Where Food Comes From Inc.  announced the launch of PoultryCARE, an innovative new sustainability standard for the poultry industry. 

PoultryCARE is the poultry industry’s most comprehensive third-party verified sustainability program.  It will be administered by WFCF’s IMI Global division, utilizing reviewers and auditors with extensive experience in poultry production.

Certification to the PoultryCARE Standard is achieved following on-farm evaluations by IMI Global auditors who focus on three specific pillars:

Animal Husbandry: Care and wellbeing policies and practices; biosecurity and emergency preparedness protocols; employee and grower animal care training; poultry handling and transport; animal health protocols; and environmental and housing conditions.

Environmental Stewardship: Land and water resources; greenhouse gas emissions; animal productivity; energy reduction; waste management and long-term strategy.

People and Community: Safe working environment; fair compensation and treatment; growth and development opportunities; business and succession planning; and local community support.

“Sustainability is critical to the future of the poultry industry.  PoultryCARE offers integrators metrics, by means of third-party certification, to provide assurance to consumers of their sustainability practices,” says Kelly Crymble, regional manager and customer verification specialist at IMI Global.

Consumers who purchase CARE Certified poultry products will know that the chickens and turkeys they are consuming have been verified to exacting sustainability standards. Producers that enroll in the PoultryCARE program will demonstrate to consumers their commitment to assuring a sustainable future for poultry production.

The launch of PoultryCARE follows the recent rollout of WFCF’s BeefCARE and DairyCARE Standards. WFCF’s goal is to establish its CARE sustainability Standards as the gold standard throughout the food supply chain.