Featured In Food Logistics: Planning For The Unexpected

Food Logistics
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Food and beverage industry supply chains face a unique set of challenges: specific customer requirements, expectations of always-on-time deliveries, packaging impacts, formulation changes, seasonal product launches, promotional planning and price sensitivity, among others. Food and beverage companies also work with a diverse group of partners from packaging and ingredients suppliers to logistics and distribution parties. Hence, Planning: to arrange a method or scheme beforehand for any work, enterprise, or proceeding, according to an article in the September Food Logistics. Hen

Seasoned supply chain organizations have the ability to rapidly model multiple “what-if” scenarios and assess the merits of each. For example, if we change suppliers, how will it impact lead times, costs, product quality, or service levels? If there is a spike in demand, what is the impact to our bottom line if we source from a second supplier or leverage a contract manufacturing partner? the U

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