Ryder Offers Free Test Drive for Natural Gas Trucks in California

Ryder promotes sustainable CNG/LNG vehicles with free test drive(s).

To promote the benefits of natural gas vehicles, Ryder is offering companies to test drive an alternative fuel vehicle for free.

"The Ryder Ride & Drive event was very informative," said Dave Hodge, operations manager for Airwolf Express Courier Service. Hodge, based in California, test drove two natural gas vehicles.

"We do feel the industry is steadily moving toward a natural gas solution, not only due to the environmental aspect, but also because of the added benefit that it is cheaper than diesel," he said. "The natural gas vehicles we test drove were fantastic rides and seemed to have plenty of power. A cleaner and cheaper fuel, provided from a domestic source, is what we like to call a win/win. We look forward to exploring this option further in our business soon."

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