Nutiva Goes 100 Percent Organic

Oxnard, CA: Nutiva unveiled its product line is now 100 percent USDA-certified organic.

Nutiva takes a modern approach to ancient healing foods, making healthy foods more accessible—and organic—than ever before. Nutiva is the only hemp food brand offering every item as certified-organic, while other brands claim to be sustainable yet still use chemical fertilizers with their downstream impacts.

Hempseed is protein-rich, loaded with fiber and omega fatty acids, and is naturally non-gluten. An extremely nutrient-dense super-food derived from a versatile plant used for thousands of years, hemp is at the core of the Nutiva product family, which now features 18 certified-organic hemp SKUs, including Hempseed, Hemp Oil, Hemp Protein, and HempShakes.

John W. Roulac, Nutiva founder and CEO, says: "Since 1999 Nutiva has been dedicated to nourishing people and the planet—while providing great-tasting nutritious foods. Being all organic is a big milestone for us, further establishing our leadership in the organic super-food space and allowing us to remain true to our core values."

Furthering its commitment to the planet, Nutiva donates 1 percent of every sale to organizations promoting sustainable agriculture. In 2011 alone Nutiva gave over $200,000, and the company expects to donate more than $300,000 in 2012, including $50,000 for—an organization dedicated to passing California's November 2012 initiative that will require the labeling of genetically engineered foods in the state. Nutiva is joining other organic pioneers, including Dr. Bronner's and Nature's Path, that are also supporting this campaign.

Nutiva's product line currently includes:

•           Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseeds
•           Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil
•           Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein 15g
•           Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Hi-Fiber
•           Nutiva Organic HempShake
•           Nutiva Organic Coconut Manna
•           Nutiva Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil
•           Nutiva Organic Chia Seed