Railcar Cleaning System Improves Environmental Performance; Reduces Cycle Times

Channelview, TX: The Rescar Companies will be opening of a new state-of-the-art railcar cleaning system in Channelview, Texas.

The new cleaning system is designed to process eight railcars simultaneously, speeding their return to railcar owners and to leasing customers so they can ship their products, as well as reducing lost-income days for railcar lessors. Built new from the ground up, the facility includes dedicated tanks; more powerful pumps with product-specific piping; and a sophisticated vapor abatement system, capable of treating up to 900 specific compounds before and during the cleaning process.

All vapors are treated and monitored to reduce or eliminate release to the atmosphere. The cleaning facility will return many "residual" products to the industrial production cycle.

"To properly serve our market we must have a long-range, strategic approach. Cleaning railcars is only one part of what our customers need," says Joseph F. Schieszler, Jr., president and CEO, The Rescar Companies. "The facility we've just opened in Channelview is the embodiment of that philosophy."

The expanded facility includes cleaning, blast, product storage and abatement under one roof with 10,000 feet of new rail for more efficient movement and processing of cars. "We've designed this facility to match the requirements of our customers," says Kevin Wilck, VP, Rescar. "Our capacity has increased from five cars per day to as many as 16.

"The system was designed with the current and future needs of Fortune 500 and major chemical shippers in mind," Wilck says. "They need Rescar to properly handle a wide range of potentially harmful products, as well as to support their sustainability initiatives. For example, some of the compounds we remove can be recycled for processing in numerous industries. Channelview's sophisticated cleaning system can return more of what was once considered waste to productive use."