Natural Gas for Transportation Roadmap Launched

Ottawa: Industry and government representatives met in Ottawa to launch the implementation of a roadmap that will guide market development for natural gas as a transportation fuel in Canada.

Facilitated by Natural Resources Canada, the kick-off meeting included representatives of Canada's trucking, oil and gas, manufacturing, and transportation industries. The meeting was welcomed by the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance (CNGVA) as a major step forward for the Natural Gas Use in the Canadian Transportation Sector - Deployment Roadmap initiative developed by all stakeholder groups.

The roadmap's focus for market development will be medium- and heavy trucks and buses that operate in regional corridors and urban fleets.

"Greater use of natural gas in transportation is a win/win for Canada," said Wayne Geis, vice president of Canada's largest natural gas producer, Encana Corporation, and incoming Chair of the CNGVA. "Natural gas is an affordable, lower-emission fuel and industry is making significant investments to bring it into the transportation market. Collaboration will accelerate fleet use and create the right conditions for even greater private sector investment."

Natural Resources Canada's ecoENERGY for Alternative Fuels initiative will provide support for early stage roadmap implementation work including the creation of a bilingual, national website, the establishment of two regional resource hubs to support fleets, and the re-initiation of codes and standards activities for natural gas vehicles.

"Natural gas has a very prominent place in Canada's energy and economic future," said the Honourable Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources. "The Government of Canada is committed to working together with the natural gas industry to encourage innovation and job creation across Canada and reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Natural gas use in transportation can open a new market for an abundant Canadian resource and help offset declining exports to the US New jobs for Canadians will be created in the supply chain for fuel, vehicles, and stations as North American market demand increases. Canadian companies are leaders in developing innovative natural gas engine technologies for heavy trucks and buses.

The CNGVA leads the sustainable growth of natural gas as a primary transportation fuel for the benefit of Canada's economy and environment. Canada's first major liquefied natural gas (LNG) highway truck projects recently launched in Québec and British Columbia. The first Canadian natural gas ferries were also recently announced in Québec. Surrey, British Columbia, is Canada's first municipality to require the use of lower-emission natural gas trucks for residential refuse collection.