CSX Introduces Improved Carbon Calculator

Jacksonville, FL: CSX launched an improved Carbon Calculator aimed at helping consumers and businesses better understand the key role freight rail plays in a sustainable supply chain.

"CSX's online Carbon Calculator not only helps our customers make smart supply chain decisions, it also helps educate consumers about the path items take to get to store shelves or their front door," says Carl Gerhardstein, assistant vice president, environmental systems and sustainability. "This tool demonstrates our commitment to responsible business and helps consumers understand how freight rail positively affects the life-cycle of the goods they buy."

To demonstrate the efficiencies of CSX's network, the calculator compares the carbon emissions generated by freight rail to those of long-haul trucks over similar routes. Consumers are able to choose from a number of variables – from the type and volume of goods transported to the length of the route – to estimate the average carbon emissions reduced by shipping via rail.

The tool also plays an important role for businesses, helping them optimize their supply chains as they bring goods to market more sustainably than ever before. The calculator provides shippers an opportunity to better understand the environmental benefits of shipping their goods via rail. The tool shows how intermodal shipments – combining both truck and rail transport to maximize efficiency – can drastically reduce carbon emissions.

Check out CSX's enhanced carbon calculator on www.CSX.com to learn how freight rail can reduce the environmental footprint of businesses and consumers alike.