Daikin Has Breakthrough In Low Energy And High Performance Refrigeration Unit

Osaka and London: Daikin Reefer unveiled a new container refrigeration technology that meets carrier and shipper demands for low energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while providing precise cooling performance for chilled and frozen cargoes.

One of the principal suppliers of container refrigeration machinery to the global container shipping and leasing industries, Daikin Reefer is part of Daikin Refrigeration, a division of Daikin Industries Ltd, a world leading producer of air-conditioning, refrigeration systems and fluoro-chemical products.

The new LX10F container refrigeration unit, to be marketed under the brand name ZESTIATM, uses Daikin's patented DC inverter scroll compressor technology to deliver large energy savings of approximately 45 percent* compared with existing designs on the market today. The proven technology has been adapted from the global air conditioning sector, where Daikin has been manufacturing inverter compressors since the late 1980s.

The company produced its first DC inverter scroll compressor for air conditioning in 1996 and has since shipped over 3 million units worldwide. It is currently the world's largest supplier of DC inverter-based air conditioning.

Traditional single speed compressors can only deliver a fixed amount of cooling and heat and have to operate on a 'stop-start' principle to maintain a set temperature. By contrast, inverter compressors run at variable speeds, allowing cooling capacity to be adjusted according to cargo needs, ambient conditions and how the refrigeration unit is being used. This provides a more flexible, energy-efficient and accurate way of dealing with the extremes of perishable cargo transport.

A key component of Daikin's DC inverter technology is the DAIKIN Reluctance DC motor, an innovative patented design that uses a strong neodymium permanent magnet for improved efficiency at all rotational speeds. Operating at high torque and efficiency without slip, the DAIKIN Reluctance DC motor further reduces power consumption.

Units are also fitted with an AC line-reactor to manage unstable and fluctuating electricity input in different parts of the world and transport conditions, such as in long-haul rail operations. The AC line-reactor additionally prevents negative phase currents which can cause power-cuts or over-heating of the supply generators.

ZESTIA is a premium unit that will be particularly suited for international operators requiring the highest levels of cooling performance, temperature precision and low energy consumption, says Daikin. The new design goes into full production this November at Daikin's manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China, where it will be built in combination with the established LXE10E scroll compressor container refrigeration machine. The LXE10E is now in its 11th year of production, with units delivered to over 160 customers worldwide.

Daikin adds that the basic design of the ZESTIA comes from the LXE10E model, ensuring that users benefit from the same reliability, low maintenance requirements and ease of spare parts replacement. The company will now offer both designs to provide choice to the market, and will continue to make further enhancements to the LXE10E. Like the LXE10E, the ZESTIA will run on R134a refrigerant.

Along with the new DC-inverter technology, ZESTIA incorporates a number of advanced control features to further improve ease of operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. The unit's microprocessor controller has been significantly enhanced, with user-friendly large, backlit LCD screen to give a clear view of temperature records even in dark conditions, including new graphical data display.

Authorized users can also now download trip data and upload software by using a USB memory stick in around 30 seconds, rather than needing to plug in a laptop into the controller. Also new is the use of LED indicator lights on the controller, helping users to identify failed parts and avoid misdiagnosis of faults.

"Daikin is excited to bring its proven DC inverter technology to the global refrigerated container market," said Shin Furuta, President, Daikin reefer business. "With an ever wider range of perishable goods being shipped worldwide than ever before, and considerable growth expected in the coming 5-10 years, the container industry and its customers need sustainable refrigeration solutions that allow them to operate in the most energy-efficient way while safeguarding the condition of valuable commodities. After more than two years of research and development, we are confident that ZESTIA will meet the industry's needs both today and for the foreseeable future."

ZESTIA will be formally unveiled at the annual Intermodal Europe exhibition, taking place this year in Hamburg on November 29 – December 1.