Top 10 Trends Shaping Future of Food and AgTech in 2022

Robots, the rise of ESG, adoption of food waste solutions, implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning are just some of the trends set to impact food and AgTech in the New Year.

Dusan Kostic
Dusan Kostic

The food and AgTech industries are entering a global food transition, much like the global energy transition, according to S2G Ventures, and changing consumer preferences, climate change and shifts in the capital market landscape will continue to shape the future of both food and AgTech.

"The food transition is still in its infancy but is being propelled by seismic tailwinds -- massive demographic change spurring new consumer demand, significant advancements in the biology, chemistry and physics of food production to create new choices and now capital markets anchored by ESG that want to fund high growth, disruptive companies," says Sanjeev Krishnan, S2G Ventures managing director and chief investment officer.

From PR Newswire:

  • Robots will increase efficiency while reducing labor needs across the food system.
  • The rise of ESG will help to digitize the farm.
  • FinTech will transform opportunities in agriculture, just as it did for the student loan and mortgage markets.
  • Adoption of food waste solutions will be recognized as both a good business practice and an essential tool for feeding the world.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms will unlock greater understanding of and use cases for plants and fungi.