Continental's Success Story

Why should you implement digital warehouse management? Justinas Liekis, Transport Manager at Continental Lithuania, shares his success story and the benefits his company reaped after implementing a dock scheduling solution.


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Quickening the pace of technology adoption in this competitive environment is probably one of the most important steps companies should make to improve their warehouse and distribution center efficiencies.

Continental Lithuania - a division of German automotive technology pioneers - is always looking for cutting edge technological solutions. Recently, they have greatly improved their inbound / outbound logistics visibility by implementing time slot management automation and a dock scheduling system.

Justinas Liekis, Transport Manager at Continental Lithuania,  shares his success story and how they used one tool to:

  • Automate communications
  • Get rid of the spreadsheets
  • Forget about unplanned arrivals to the warehouse
  • Eliminate queues
  • Reduce driver waiting time
  • Track their gate performance
  • Improve planning
  • Increase load capacity
  • Ensure smoothness and security of their site
  •  And more!