Softeon Introduces Breakthrough Warehouse Management and Execution System Capabilities

This powerful solution combines Softeon’s advanced warehouse management system (WMS) with new warehouse execution system (WES).

Softeon Wms Wes

Softeon, a global supply chain software provider with the industry's best record of customer success, announced it will be featuring its new warehouse management and execution system capabilities at MODEX 2020.

This powerful solution combines Softeon’s advanced warehouse management system (WMS) with new warehouse execution system (WES), which provides visibility, orchestration and optimization of order picking and related processes to include maximizing materials handling system utilization, leveraging capabilities far above what is available today - even in advanced WMS.

As a result, Softeon’s WES enables companies to minimize total fulfillment costs while meeting customer demand and service commitments. Softeon’s WMS and WES solutions are available stand-alone – or for the first time in the industry, deployed together as a powerful warehouse management and execution system.

In stand-alone mode, the WES can work with almost any existing WMS, from ERP to legacy to best-of-breed providers, with flexible integration and process models. Uniquely, the Softeon WES delivers significant value, not only for automated DCs but also in operations with medium levels of automation or even completely manual processes.

This approach can bring new life to aging WMS environments without the need for a full WMS replacement.

New WES capabilities include:

·        Real-time visibility to throughput, bottlenecks and events

·         Direct management and optimization of picking sub-systems

·         Advanced, configurable optimization for order batching, release, picking and replenishment

·         Workload balancing to maximize equipment utilization and flow

·         Automated order release based on service commitment, shipping schedules and real-time condition monitoring

·         Use of simulation to plan, re-plan and allocate resources

Benefits of the new solution include double or even triple digit improvements in productivity; reduced supervisory labor, increased distribution throughput, improved material handling system utilization, and significantly enhanced labor planning.

"This truly is a game changer in distribution Software, with Softeon now delivering on the promise of the autonomous WMS," says Dan Gilmore, chief marketing officer at Softeon.