AWS Targets Logistics Providers Looking for Digitalization Without IT Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services and Bosch partner up for a new solution that targets logistics companies who want to modernize their operations without the need to create their own cost-intensive IT projects.

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While supply chains look to capitalize on data to help ease the strain the industry is currently facing, many are apprehensive to invest heavily in costly IT projects. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Bosch work together on a new platform, designed to allow logistics providers to tap a digitalized operation without having to create an IT infrastructure in house. The software will provide a multitude of needs, like capacity utilization of commercial vehicle fleets to monitoring goods flows to order processing. This will all be available through a single source, powered by AWS. 

Per Bosch

  • Bosch will be responsible for developing and operating the logistics platform, the core of which is a marketplace for digital services, while AWS will contribute its comprehensive cloud offering and expertise. The platform will facilitate smooth interaction between a variety of services and data, enabling transportation and logistics companies to benefit much more from the opportunities of digitalization without having to set up their own resource- and cost-intensive IT projects.
  • The marketplace will also be open to all digital logistics services providers. Industry and consumers will benefit from the initiative because of greater reliability and transparency in goods and parcel delivery, for example. The companies plan to present a preliminary version of the logistics platform at Hannover Messe, with the launch for Europe, India, and the U.S. set for late 2022.