Wisconsin Cranberry Farmers Hope to Alleviate Oversupply with Demand Overseas

A 2013 survey found that less than 4 percent of Chinese consumers were aware of cranberries as a fruit, but after five years promotion, the awareness rate has increased to over 50 percent.

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Wisconsin's cranberry farmers are working to generate demand for the fruit overseas to alleviate an oversupply that's driving down prices.

Food buyers, bloggers and social media influencers from China and India visited Wisconsin's cranberry farms as part of the U.S. Cranberry Marketing Committee's Reverse Trade Mission, Wisconsin Public Radio reported.

About 20 people visited the Cutler Cranberry Co. farm near Tomah last week to see how the fruit is harvested, processed and packaged. Committee officials hope visitors will return home and spread the word about the fruit's uses and potential health benefits.

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