Otto Motors to Supply Toyota with Flexible Automation

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OTTO Motors, a division of Clearpath and provider of self-driving vehicle technology and services, will provide Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi an OTTO 1500 self-driving vehicle for ground tire delivery in the Corolla assembly plant. 

“Toyota has set the standard in lean manufacturing principles and we’re very proud that OTTO has been selected as a means to drive lean, flexible material transport for the Mississippi plant,” said Simon Drexler, Director of Industrial Solutions at OTTO Motors. “We expect the implementation of the initial vehicle will yield positive results with regard to overall operating costs, and lead to further opportunities within the facility.”
The OTTO self-driving vehicle will be used to sequentially load and deliver tires lineside. The solution will integrate with additional appliances for automatic unstacking onto conveyors. Tires will then move to team members on the line for final assembly.
The OTTO 1500 self-driving vehicle is designed exclusively for indoor material transport. Using proprietary software, OTTO uses LiDAR sensors to scan, monitor and interact with its environment. Key features include obstacle avoidance, dynamic path planning, and passive suspension. The OTTO solution offers infrastructure-free navigation to enable flexible automation, hassle-free implementation, and scalability. Visit

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