AI Assistant for Supply Chain

One Network Enterprises announced the beta release of NEO Assistant, a supply chain AI Assistant.

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One Network Enterprises announced the beta release of NEO Assistant, a supply chain artificial intelligence (AI) Assistant.

“A supply chain assistant with the reasoning of a large language model combined with adaptive flows, prescriptions, and visualization represents a truly new paradigm for decision-making,” says Ranjit Notani, chief technology officer of ONE. “It provides a radically new user experience. In some ways, it is the most natural interface for adaptive decision making. However, it goes beyond this to guide the user in solving complex multi-step problems in dynamically changing real-time environments.”


Key takeaways:

  •  NEO Assistant is fully aware of the real-time state of the user’s supply chain and re-evaluates its assumptions when this state changes. The NEO Assistant constantly understands problems in the supply chain as they occur and will suggest intelligent and executable Smart Prescriptions, which can be executed with a single click.
  • Smart Prescriptions are generated where the user has configured the system to run semi-autonomously rather than fully autonomously to allow users an opportunity to review and channel decisions.
  • Additionally, NEO Assistant enables adaptive flows where it guides the user through complex dynamic decision-making processes. NEO Assistant also puts real-time visualizations such as interactive maps, inventory views, etc. right into the chat. Finally, it enables an (optional) voice-driven interface which allows for hands-free use.
  • NEO Assistant is built on One Network’s Digital Supply Chain Network, and inherits its capabilities and characteristics such as respecting multi-party permissions, single-version-of-the-truth, contextual linking to related screens, etc.