HP Hood Plant Converts From Burning Fuel Oil To Natural Gas

After the conversion, the Lafargeville, N.Y., plant will emit 26 percent less CO2, much less SO2 and NOx, and almost no particulates.


HP Hood’s plant in Lafargeville, N.Y. is converting from fuel oil to compressed natural gas (CNG) as a boiler fuel. HP Hood noted CNG is much less expensive than fuel oil so the plant will be more competitive. After the conversion, the plant will emit 26 percent less CO2, much less SO2 and NOx, and almost no particulates, the company noted.

HP Hood’s Lafargeville plant is not located on a gas pipeline so it did not have the option of converting to gas until now. NG Advantage LLC provides the answer. NG Advantage trucks CNG using its “virtual pipeline” of 27 trailers to deliver the natural gas from existing pipelines to large institutions and industrial facilities in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. The company is now expanding into eastern New York State.

HP Hood is now one of the country’s largest branded dairy operators with 15 manufacturing plants throughout the U.S.

NG Advantage will begin delivering natural gas to very large energy users that do not have access to a pipeline in upstate and eastern New York in Q4, 2014. Customers do not need to build storage tanks as the tractor/trailers automatically arrive 24/7 and gas is drawn directly from the trailers into the boilers at the plant.

NG Advantage said its customers save 20 percent to 40 percent off the cost of their process and comfort heating bills by replacing fuel oil as their primary source of heat with cleaner, less expensive, North American natural gas.

Freeman Covert, director of operations at the HP Hood Lafargeville plant, expressed his support of the conversion to CNG saying, “As we strive to work smarter and better, we are pleased that the partnership with NG Advantage creates both environmental and business efficiencies.”

NG Advantage CEO Tom Evslin said “We are pleased to have the opportunity to bring the benefits of natural gas to HP Hood, its customers, employees, and neighbors. We are looking forward to bringing natural gas beyond the pipeline to New York institutions just as we have already done in New England where we got our start.”