Harvest Power, FreshPoint Central Florida Combine Efforts On Organics-to-Energy

Central Florida now home to large-scale program turning food waste into energy with Harvest Power.

Harvest Power recently teamed up with FreshPoint Central Florida to recycle 100 percent of the fresh produce company’s local organic residuals at Harvest Power’s Energy Garden in Central Florida.

The vegetative overs – including fruit and vegetable peels, strawberries tops, corn husks, and pineapple cores as examples – are now diverted from landfills and converted into renewable biogas and natural fertilizers. FreshPoint Central Florida contributes to the approximate 6 megawatts (MW) of combined heat and power that the Energy Garden produces, enough to power just over 2,000 homes.

FreshPoint Central Florida is the latest local business to come on board Harvest Power’s “Orlando Or Landfill? Responsible Food Recovery” campaign. Harvest Power is challenging Florida businesses and consumers to join the effort to reduce pressure on landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help fuel local renewable energy production.

“Working with Harvest Power was an easy decision for us, as we do our part to help sustain the environment,” said John Kovalik, Executive Vice President, FreshPoint Central Florida. “With Harvest Power’s program, we reduce our hauling fees, keep our waste out of the landfill and ensure the organic waste we produce is creating clean, renewable energy for our community.”

The facility’s anaerobic digester uses naturally-occurring bacteria to turn organic waste into renewable biogas. The final products are renewable electricity and natural fertilizers used to boost local agriculture production.

“We’re excited to partner with FreshPoint Central Florida, especially since nearly 100 percent of their waste is organic matter,” said Chris Peters, Harvest Power’s Regional Vice President in Florida. “We’re building a local sustainability movement that gives businesses an alternative to traditional landfill disposal for their organic waste. That matters because now FreshPoint Central Florida and other businesses can put waste to good use. Our partnership shows what’s possible for other food processors across the country.”

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