Sustainable Ag Advocate Sees a Market Crash Ahead

The CIO at Universa Investments predicts that both the stock market and agriculture sector are set to crash in the future

This article in Daily Finance is an interesting piece on the opinions of Mark Spitznagel, the CIO of Universa Investments, and also a farmer of sustainable, pasture-based agriculture at Idyll Farms in Northport, Michigan, raising goats for cheese. Spitznagel, who's hedge fund at Universa has about $6 billion in assets, thinks both the stock market and the Ag market are "distorted by interventionism" and are poised to crash in the near future.

Spitznagel expects the S&P 500 to fall by 40% sometime in the near-future, which would be another doomsday prediction if only Spitznagel hadn't made a similar call in 2008, doubling his funds as the market collapsed.

According to the article, Spitznagel sees parallels in agriculture, where interventionism has distorted natural processes with excessive use of petrochemicals, monoculture farming, corn subsidies, and most notably, GMOs. Rather than work within the confines of nature, the current agricultural system distorts natural processes, and just like we're experiencing with the economy, these artificial techniques may work well in the near term but in the long run the outcome will be ruin. To read more, click HERE.