Turf Feeding Systems Launches Sustainable Ag Project in Asia

Fertigation systems maker launches program to increase farm production and reduce deforestation in Asia and Pacific Rim

Houston-based packaged fertigation systems (fertilizer injection into irrigation) producer Turf Feeding Systems announced this week they are launching a sustainable Asia program during president Michael Chaplinsky's trip this week to Bali, Indonesia, this month, where he will meet with a group of Indonesian and American business leaders to create a sustainable Asia program for the Asian and Pacific Rim regions.

The program will focus on two main issues: reducing the cost of agriculture production and decreasing the deforestation of native forests which are being cleared for agriculture. Specifically, palm oil plantations.

“Both [sustainable agriculture and decreasing deforestation] are very important and can be solved with sustainable practices and products to build the soil health,” said Chaplinsky. “Sustainable agriculture can reduce fertilizer, chemicals, and water use in irrigation as well as labor and energy, while improving crop production and quality.” To read more, click HERE.