Texas’ Food Supply Chain Struggles as Cold Front Continues

A week into an unprecedented winter storm, Texas' food supply is starting to dwindle.


The state of Texas has faced an unprecedented winter storm, leading to millions without power and limited water, reports Ksat.com.

A week after the storm began, citizens are now beginning to run out of food as they have been consumed or spoiled because of the lack of power. Still, trips to the grocery stores leave consumers with little to replenish as supplies have dwindled.

According to ksat.com, the state’s food supply chain could prevent even more problems as fruit and vegetable crops in the Rio Grande Valley have completely frozen over. Meanwhile, livestock growers across Texas are close to running out of feed and the lack of gas has caused some chickens and calves to freeze to death.

Per Ksat.com:

  • Citrus and vegetable farms in the Rio Grande Valley also anticipate massive losses as 60% of the region’s grapefruit crop and 100% of the late orange crop will be lost.

  • Between the lack of grocery inventory and damage to Texas’ agriculture sector, the storm could impact the state’s food supply chain for weeks to come.